Curriculum Update



This year one of our school priorities is the development of our curriculum so this week I am sharing with you the rationale behind what we plan and deliver. Our curriculum is based on the growth of our children as modern global citizens and our key foci are diversity, growth and community. We drive our curriculum through history and geography to give our children the best chances to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world in addition to promoting tolerance and equality.


























Our school values underpin our curriculum intent by driving the ethos of our school towards:


Personal Growth – inspiration, excellence, determination, courage


Diversity – equality, respect


Community – friendship


We deliver this intent by personalising the curriculum for our children; through knowledge selection and content delivery.

Knowledge selection is taken from the National curriculum and then diversified e.g. we have included more diverse historical and geographical knowledge. Including key historical figures to represent our children from other ethnicities and cultures such as Mary Seacole. In geography we moved from predominantly white areas of study in America and Russia to include Jamaica and economic diversity across Europe.

Content delivery is designed to engage and keep pace for our children while allowing them to fully embed knew knowledge before moving onto a new concept as in a mastery approach.



‘Discover’ is the theme for Terms 1 and 4. Each year group from years one to six will be discovering their history curriculum which will in turn then be the driver for our other curriculum subjects. During these terms our brain boost project will involve the children discovering the outside. Look out for changes in our grounds as the children help to brighten up the outside areas and use their green fingers to get planting. The community day for this term will see us come together as a school for Remembrance Day.

Explore’ is the theme for Terms 2 and 5 with each year group from one to six ‘exploring’ their geography curriculum which, again will in turn then be the driver for our other curriculum areas. During these terms our brain boost project will involve the children exploring something new. Each teacher in years one to five will design a masterclass that each child will have an opportunity to attend meaning the children learn a new skill and work with a new adult each week. The community days for this term will involve us exploring our maths skills and delving into the word of books.

‘Create’ is the theme for terms 3 and 6 and will be created by the children themselves. Their inspiration will either be an area of interest identified as a year group or from a national or world event that will enthuse our children and develop them as citizens. Our brain boost project will encourage children and staff to ‘create the best me’. Culminating in a celebration at our party in the park event!


Each half term ends with a ‘wow’ week (‘wow’ is an acronym for ‘Week of Wonder’) to engage the children in their creative subjects and bring their topic to an exciting end. During a ‘wow’ week the children explore their creativity further through their art, DT and music curriculum as well as developing their knowledge of these subjects through their reading sessions in addition to continuing with their maths curriculum. The best way to describe the atmosphere in school during ‘wow’ week is simply ‘buzzing’.