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Legacy Project

Year 6 Legacy Project 


Our Legacy Project at Mawsley School, is a way in which our Year 6 learners acknowledge the end of their Mawsley School learning journey, by creating something to leave behind for other children to enjoy and remember them by, after they have moved on to their new schools. This is a wonderful way for these young people to make a positive contribution to their school community. 


Children are tasked with researching possible ideas for the project, such as sport, nature, wellbeing etc, with a clear purpose and design this within a given budget. 

Our 2020 – 2021 cohort of Year 6 children decided that they had learnt many positive things from our ‘historic pause’, when learning was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The resilience and optimistic outlook that they all developed, as well as learning how to look after their physical and mental wellbeing, was something that they wanted to leave behind and inspire other children with, as their legacy.

In the summer, they painted positive affirmations and wellbeing tips onto stones, which were distributed around our quiet garden for children to discover and be inspired by.

Additionally, our children wanted to bury a time capsule, that described some of the challenges that they had faced and how they had learnt to overcome these challenges and grow as young citizens, ready for tomorrow’s challenges. This is buried in the quiet garden in our school grounds so that in the future, people will understand what education during a pandemic looked like for the cohort of 2020 – 2021. 








The 2019-2020 Year 6 leavers, who had their final year at school shortened by the Covid crisis, voted for an idea from one of their class mates: to create a wooden bridge for children to enjoy in the school grounds. This was painted in various colours, to symbolise the rainbows of hope and positivity that were displayed on our school gates and in the windows of homes during this difficult time and was decorated with not only the school ethos message, but additional positive affirmations for children to read and be uplifted by, as they walk over each step. The pupil described the inspiration behind this in her presentation, stating that it was important that her cohort were not remembered just as the year who missed out due to Covid. She said: 


'We want to be remembered as the Year 6 that did things differently, that made the best of a bad situation, that had hope and saw the good things'.


This symbolises the great attitude that our Year 6 cohort showed during this difficult time, by turning this experience into something so positive. 


Thank you 2019-20 Year 6! We know that this will be enjoyed by many of our children for many years to come. 

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