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Following a successful consortium bid to the EU Erasmus + fund for international professional development, supported by Inspire Teaching Alliance, Mawsley School will be working with 10 local schools to take part in fully funded educational training and cultural visits to Italy ,Sweden, The Netherlands and Spain over the next two years. We are delighted that this funding has been granted for this ambitious project which will enable leaders, teachers, support staff and governors to learn about other approaches and curriculum innovations, see them in practice and have time to discuss and reflect on their learning in a structured, professional environment. These shared experiences will strengthen partnerships with other local schools, have a high impact on the practice of our staff and will increase awareness of the benefits of working collaboratively through new links with European partners.


There are three priorities for the project:


·       P1 Leadership of teaching and learning:


Develop the leadership skills of all staff through leadership development opportunities and support networks facilitating sharing and evaluation of good practice.

·       P2 Pedagogy:

Developing staff competencies in teaching and learning through the experience and observation of practice and training in other countries.

·       P3 Internationalisation of learning:

Support curriculum development and encourage collaboration, exchange and sharing of practice with peers locally and in Europe.

The project proposes the following objectives:

Ø To enhance teaching and learning by raising staff expertise and competences to secure high levels of positive engagement in indoor and outdoor learning

Ø To develop clear and consistent approaches to meet the needs of all learners in Maths

Ø To enhance practice in supporting children with EAL

Ø To develop the role of Teaching Assistants / support staff in scaffolding learning and fostering independence

Ø  Enhancing project work through European opportunities

Mrs Buckle and Miss Clayton visit Reykjavik
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