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Dear Parents,

Here at Mawsley, we believe you are some of the most important people when it comes to your child's education. What a child experiences at home, they bring with them into their learning environment.


We want to thank you for showing the children how important reading is by sharing a story each evening before bedtime; this is paramount in order for your children to progress in their lessons at school, especially in their writing!


So many of you go the extra mile by supporting the children with their homework projects and encouraging them to learn more through discussions and access to fantastic websites (some of which you can find here).

For some children, the experience of being taken to competitions, exams and extra curricular clubs helps to improve their self-confidence and self-worth. For others, a walk around a country park or a family picnic can have the same impact. We all know that our memorable experiences in our childhood stay with us and aid our development from little people into big people.  

So once again, thank you for making our school so special and for giving our children the support they need and deserve.

The Staff at Mawsley CP School

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