Mawsley Graduate Award Programme

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About the programme

In order to teach children the value of independent study, a Mawsley Graduate Awards Programme has been developed by the School.

In a recent Ofsted inspection, the children at Mawsley Community Primary School were described as having a ‘positive approach to their work’. Children were seen ‘working hard and trying their best’ in a ‘learning-focused environment’.

The Mawsley Graduate Awards Programme has been carefully designed to suit the hard working attitude of our pupils. We have selected programmes of study that appeal to the children’s interests.

Children who wish to become a Graduate of a specific topic can choose to study at home and in school during specific study sessions, which will take place out of lesson time. We believe that independent study is an integral part of our Graduate programme, as this teaches transferable skills they will need to have a successful future in education. After careful, independent study, and when they feel like they are ready, the children take the Graduate Test, consisting of ten questions. 

After passing the test successfully, children will be awarded with a badge, which they can proudly wear on their uniform. Some children may not pass the Graduate Test first time and may have to study some more before becoming successful. We believe that this teaches our children the importance of being resilient learners, about ‘being brave’ and having another go!