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Writing at Mawsley CP School has always been a big focus of ours. Since implementing regular vocabulary sessions, Talk for Writing, and a new handwriting scheme (Kinetic Letters), it is plain to see the improvement and passion the majority of our children have for writing. They are able to produce fantastic pieces of writing using a variety of stimuli. Each year group has their own set of year group objectives (or 'non-negotiables', as the children know them) - these are the features we expect to see in all of their writing in order for them to achieve the expected year group level. Click on the year group below to access their  year group objectives.


Please find the common exception words for each year group below. Simply click on the link to view!

Common exception words are those words that don't fit the rules the children look at in each year group.  The children are taught these common exception words, alongside spelling patterns and rules for their specific year groups, in weekly taught lessons . 

In Foundation stage, children learn to sound out and blend familiar and unfamiliar printed words quickly and accurately by building knowledge and skills in how to identify sounds through both initial letter sounds and a combination of more than one letter that makes a single sound; this is their grapheme-phoneme correspondence (GPC) awareness. This foundation of knowledge enables our Year 1 children to begin a progressive spelling scheme, which is delivered throughout each year group, to Year 6.


Our spelling scheme introduces new and revised spelling patterns and rules, whilst ensuring continuous consolidation of previously taught skills. Children will understand that letter(s) represent the sounds in spoken words, which underpins children’s reading and spelling of all words.


Please click on the button below to read our SPaG guide with definitions for children and parents.

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