Brain Boost provides us with an opportunity to do something different and extend the children’s learning in a new and exciting way! Every year we review what projects to plan taking into account any national or international events that are happening, the children’s interests and areas we as staff think the children could develop further.

We introduced Brainboost Friday to our curriculum to provide more opportunities for children to develop these key skills. The projects have been wide ranging and enabled children to work in groups that include children from all age groups in our school on skills that are exciting and innovative! They have had the opportunity to work with a range of adults in school as well as lots of community volunteers!

The inclusion of Brainboost in our timetable enables us to offer our children another creative way of learning through topics they might not normally cover whilst practicing and developing the key skills of the National Curriculum; Communication; Application of number; Information Technology; Working with others; Improving own performance and Problem Solving.

This year our Brainboost topics are:

Autumn 1: Discover times tables


Autumn 2: Discover the gift of giving

Spring 1 and 2: Explore the World! 

Summer 1 and 2: Seeing the best in others!