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At Mawsley Community Primary School we have taken the removal of the previous system of levels and the implementation of the new National Curriculum as an opportunity to develop our own approach to teaching and learning and to develop a new school system of assessment during the academic year 2015 – 2016.  We have taken on the mastery approach to the National Curriculum which sets out clear expectations for each year group. Each class will work towards the expectations of their year group in reading, writing and mathematics as well as other curriculum subjects. By the end of each year some of our children will:

  • have mastered all the concepts for their year and reached the expected standard for their year group.

  • have gone further and shown mastery in greater depth.

  • be working towards mastery for that year or consolidating learning from a previous year group.

We believe every child can achieve and we take on the principles set out by Tim Oates in the video clip link below which shares the thinking behind the removal of levels and how we are now helping children to develop their learning.

We now focus on teaching fewer things but in greater depth.  We seek to extend our more able pupils by deepening learning through problem solving, reasoning and thinking activities. Our philosophy is to consolidate learning for each child before moving on. In this way children have a more secure understanding of key concepts.

Our evolving new assessment system is made up of two parts:

  1. Teacher assessments for each child in December, March and June in reading, writing and mathematics.

  2. Standardised tests in reading and mathematics for each child in December, March and June.

In addition to this on-going teacher assessment happens on a daily basis in each classroom through questioning, tasks and activities.

All information gained through our assessment procedures is used to improve teaching and to plan for the next stages of learning. This information is shared with parents and carers through Parents’ Evenings, end of year reports and informal discussions.

National Curriculum Programme of Study for KS1 and KS2 English (click here to view)

National Curriculum Programme of Study for KS1 and KS2 Mathematics (click here to view)

Mawsley CP School Key Stage 2 results 2023

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