We have welcomed in a new year which means we have been busy electing a new Pupils’ Parliament!  Each class has elected a pupil who will be representing their class in our weekly Pupils’ Parliament meeting.

We then asked the new members of our new Pupils’ Parliament if they would like to put themselves forward to become our Prime Minister. We had a good number of children putting themselves forward and preparing fantastic speeches to the whole school. I would like to congratulate those of you who wrote and gave a speech, it took great courage and was inspirational to the rest of the school.

The school then voted on who they wanted to be Prime Minister. It was a close vote however we are pleased to announce our new Pupils’ Parliament:

Prime Minister:

Deputy Prime Minister:


UK Parliament Week


Here at Mawsley School we have been taking part in actvites to help children develop a better

understanding of the UK Parliament through UK Parliament Week.

We have been learning about the work of Members of Parliament, what happens in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and how our Monarch is involved. Above all we have learnt about democracy and decision making and the importance of being tolerant of other people’s views and opinions.

2018 marks 100 years since the UK Parliament passed a law which allowed the rst women, and all men, to vote in elec ons for the rst me. Some of our children were surprised that it was ever the case that only men could vote.

On Monday we started the week with a visit from our local MP, Phillip Hollobone. The Pupil Parliament conducted a very thorough interview in front of our Key Stage One and Two children. They asked ques ons to understand his role in Parliament and how he nds out the views of the people of the Ke ering area. They were also keen to ask him about the Prime Minister and The Queen.

Mr Hollobone was very impressed that we had our own school Prime Minister and such a keen Pupil Parliament. He also complimented all the children on their excep onal behaviour and demonstration of the Mawsley values.


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