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We are amazing!

Our children are amazing and intelligent in so many different ways!

We love to celebrate our talents - academic, creative, sporting and more! Join us in celebrating some of our superstars. 

image2 noah
image_123986672 georgia
IMG_20220101_120122 isabelle
image3 theon

Zara is fantastic at horse riding!


Alexia is great at horse riding!


Michael is amazing at paper crafting!


Mila is a fantastic gymnast!

Mawsley Tigers

The Mawsley Tigers are our fantastic football team! Click on the link below to find out more about them!


William is a fantastic drummer!

Florence is amazing at role play and dance she has an amazing imagination she also loves to do gymnastics.

George is a very sporty little boy he is amazing at all the sports he does and always try's his best his favourite our boxing and rugby!

Florence being amazing at gymanstics!

Noah is proud to play for Kettering rugby club :)

Emma completed her 100m award in swimming - she felt amazing and very proud of herself!

One of Georgia's amazing moments was building her confidence and her fitness and her setting her mind free with joining a dance school! 


She knew no-one there and thoroughly enjoyed it, she’s made some lovely friends and looks forward to her dance classes !

Theon started Karate in September 21 and has already gone up-to blue belt, and now has his license. He loves karate. He also loves to learn swimming! Go Theon!

Isabelle became a BIG sister in November. This was unexpected to her (and us) however she has taken on the role as a BIG sister AMAZINGLY and myself and her dad are sooooo proud. She's so caring and helpful and everyday loves to teach Violet something new. Mummy

Amazing shout outs!

Annabell is amazing in many ways, one thing I admire is she over comes every fear she faces, she pushes through and never allows the fear to stop her. 


Annabell has been cooking at home more as she really enjoys creating. Covid has made life a strange place for us all but one thing I am thrilled about is that Annabell is creating again -  drawing, making, patterns and we have a sewing machine ready to make pillows :) 

Kobie has an amazing imagination and will play for hours building things from Lego. He has lots of different pieces and will often build different worlds with different buildings and lots going on. His ideas are a little different and very unique. 

Each of his Lego characters have a name, are always colourful and usually wear something a little crazy.

Sometimes you can find them at the local Cinema,  under the sea on a nautical adventure or at their very own holiday destination The Last Resort.

I love to get involved and he helps me create such magical things, the imagination that he has is fabulous and this is just one of the reasons that Kobie is so amazing.

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