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Online Safety

Online safety is an extremely important part of both our Computing curriculum and our PSHE curriculum.

At the beginning of every new unit, the children learn about a new aspect of staying safe online and should be fully prepared to understand the potential and the risks involved with working, plating and communicating online.

In school, we have Digital Leaders. These children are responsible for helping all the children feel safe and secure when using and exploring our technology. The children have filmed and edited their own video, to help understand some of our online safety rules.


Updated resource from Northamptonshire County Council - please read! 

The internet is now an integral part of lives. In particular, it can enable fantastic learning to take place. However, there are many pit-falls to this constant use of the internet. Our children need to learn the ‘rules’ for being online – just as they learn the rules for crossing the road safely.

Our children and parents are encouraged to report concerns to a member of staff or a trusted adult at home. Where this is not possible, additional support can be accessed online via:

●       Childline:

●       UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘Report Harmful Content’:

●       National Crime Agency Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command


​As a school we work closely in conjunction with the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board (NSCB), The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and to help provide our students, staff and parents with the best guidance possible.


CEOP have set up a website, to offer help about children using the internet safely. Advice also includes how to deal with cyberbullying, grooming, inappropriate websites, losing control over pictures and videos and hacking, viruses and security.​ Recently they have published 15 home activity packs that contain simple 15 minute activities you can do with your family to support their online safety at home. 

For more useful advice for parents check out:

Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media.

If you would like any further advice or guidance please just ask at the school office or contact us through our website.


Latest Government directions relating to teaching Online Safety in Schools

In June 2019, HM Government set out new directions for teaching online safety, these now form a significant part of our Computing lessons at school. The 3 main areas your child will be learning about will be:

1 - How to evaluate what they see online - This will enable pupils to make judgements about what they see online and not automatically assume that what they see is true, valid or acceptable.

2 - How to recognise techniques used for persuasion – This will enable pupils to recognise the techniques that are often used to persuade or manipulate others.

3 - Online behaviour – This will enable pupils to understand what acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour look like.


You can find out more information about the new directions here.

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