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Maths Graduate Award

Maths Graduate Award

“Believe you can and you’re half way there”

- Theodore Roosevelt

This part of the website contains the study material to become a graduate in Maths.

You will attend study sessions at school where you will learn the key facts and information about your chosen topic. 

When you feel you are ready and prepared, let your teacher know so that you can take a test.


Remember, even when you work hard, you may not succeed at the first attempt. Stay focussed, stay strong and try again. We look forward to giving you your badge! 

Choose your shape

Example Questions:

  • How many faces does an octahedron have?

  • What is the shape of each face?

  • How many edges does an octahedron have?

Example Questions:

  • How many edges meet at one vertex? 

  • What is the plural term for more than one dodecahedron? 

  • Why is it called a dodecahedron? 

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