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Mawsley Tigers

The Story of the Tigers - by their coach, Adam Knight

[In late 2019] I took over the Mawsley Tigers football team (assisted by Lance Hill), the girls hadn’t won a game before and for the rest of the season we lost heavily in every game, a mixture of the fact we were playing girls who were a year older than us and been playing a year longer wasn’t helping, but my Tigers never stopped trying and more important smiling, 10 nil was our heaviest defeat.


We returned after [the first] lockdown and the group of 6 girls I had grew to 14 girls, and we now have 2 teams which is amazing, since August the 1st  we have still been playing for the majority of the time teams the year older. We have played 14 games, won 11, drew 1 and lost 3, which is a remarkable turn-around from my fearless Tigers - not one girl quit or ever got upset about losing and they stuck together and worked hard to improve as well as listening. [In October 2020] we played the team that beat us 10 nil in January [2020]. Most teams would have been really worried, but not my girls and we beat them 4-2, what an achievement. Coaching these girls and watching them grow is genuinely one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done and the school should be very proud of them, as the resilience and team work they have shown is exceptional. The girls are a credit to myself, parents and the school.


The girls involved in both teams from the school are; Megan, Maisie, Erin, Millie, Lucy, Pippa, Grace, Chloe-Belle, Bella-Beau, Rebecca.

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