Whole School Science Day

On Monday 22nd February 2021, we held a whole school science day.  Children engaged either remotely or in the in-school provision.  There were a range of tasks and challenges for each year group.  We all went on a virtual school trip to The Cambridge Science Centre where we learnt about the journey of food through our digestive system and how materials were used to protect people in their jobs.  We particularly enjoyed seeing how custard armour is used to protect people who need body armour!  Our whole school challenge was to make our own chain reaction inspired by Rube Goldberg.  We had so many incredible videos sent in of children working out how to create a chain reaction to feed their dog, turn on the light and deliver a tasty treat to themselves.  Children also chose to research an amazing scientist and create an information page about them.  It was great to see the children applying our school values of determination,courage and inspiration throughout the day.

Here's what some of our children and staff had to say about it:

'I really liked doing the tower challenge and found out the round tower was the strongest' Harry

' I thought the Gums to Bums trip was really good, I liked seeing the poo!' Ella

' I tested the custard armour.  I couldn't believe it worked' Isla

' I had to be really patient to get my chain reaction to work.  It took ages!' Leila

'The children really enjoyed all of the activities and had great fun' Miss Childs

'It was great how it linked to the curriculum for the year group' Mrs Tedore