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Printing in Phase 2

Phase Two were inspired to create their own creative prints after looking at the incredible work of Andy Warhol.
They looked carefully at the technique of screen and block printing before creating their own pieces inspired by their history topic on ‘The Great Fire of London’. They worked hard on the fiery background using shaving foam as a printing medium and then used block printing to create the Tudor style houses. How amazing!

Printing in Phase 4

Phase Four (Year 5) were inspired by their history topic on the Vikings. They created their own Viking shields using a technique called Monoprinting. They looked at the amazing Monoprinting used in the artwork of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso to inspire their designs. This is a very difficult skill and one they achieved brilliantly!
pic 1.jpg
pic 2.jpg
pic 3.jpg
pic 4.jpg
pic 5.jpg
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