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We held an information evening for KS1 parents all about reading and how you can support them at home.  Please find below a copy of the presentation that was given for your information.

KS1 Reading Evening 2015

Winners of our Roald Dahl Competition141340-ml-840572

We held a writing competition for the children in our first Autumn Term and had some amazing entries.  Please find below our top three entries:

There once was a dinosaur who lived in a hut,

His name was Jimmy and he had a big butt.

He lived alone and didn’t have a friend,

To play chess, checkers, sow or mend.

Jimmy searched the jungle trying not to be eaten,

Looking for a mate who wouldn’t threaten.

He came across a doctor who said to eat flumps,

And as a result he did a big loud trump!

Another dinosaur called Andy could smell marshmallow and poo,

He looked through the trees to look for clues.

And came across Jimmy holding his nose,

And the doctor clearing the mess with a big, long hose.

Andy asked Jimmy if he made the smell,

“Yes” said an embarrassed Jimmy who decided to yell,

“Now there’s no chance of me having a chum!”

But Andy replied “There’s no need to look so glum.”

So Andy and Jimmy became good friends,

And played chess and checkers until the end!

Written by Thomas Edward Marston
Year 4

The Magical World of Animals
By Gabriella Greenwood, Year three.


One day two lovely children called Moaning Millie and Joany Jack were walking in their flowery garden when a toilet roll tube that looked like a rocket shot down from the sky and it had rainbow colours coming out of it. Out came a beetle called Buggy Beetle. He was a beetle with a shiny red back and 100 legs. He said “would you like to come with me to the Magical World of Animals?” So Moaning Millie and Joany Jack said “Oh yes please!” “Let’s go in my spotty car” said Buggy Beetle. “My car has 9 wheels which can lift up and make it taller than the trees.” Then they got in the car and set off.

They had driven for a little while and spotted a deep dark tunnel. At the entrance to the tunnel they saw a funny looking person. They asked them “What is your name?” and he said “Hello! My name is Banana Bone I can take you to your magical world.” So Banana Bone got in their car with 9 wheels which lifts up.

They set off through the tunnel and they heard frog ribbits, moo cow sounds and kangaroo bounces. They came out of the tunnel and saw the entrance to The Magical World. “Yipee!” said Moaning Millie.

They walked inside The Magical World and they saw a group of creatures called Goblagoobies. They were really spikey and were purple they had spikes everywhere except their face. They had freckles on their face instead. All of a sudden the spikes on the Goblagoobies started flying off like they were exploding! They hit into all of the other animals and it was very bloody. All of the blood looked like messy mud. They pulled out all of the spikes from the animals and they’re all ok and happy.

Then Joany Jack heard a noise from above it’s a tall giraffe it says “Hello down there!” and Joany Jack says “Hello up there!” The giraffe carries on walking with Moany Mille and Joany Jack and Buggy Beetle. Suddenly a Scwatchie landed on Buggy Beetle’s head. The Scwatchie is a kind of monkey that has 10 legs and 4 arms. The Scwatchie asks them if they want to watch his show and they say “Oh yes please.”

So the Scwatchies put on their show. They do tricks and flips in the air and on the trees. Then the show ends and they clap and walk away. As they’re walking away they go past lots of animals like fishmilers, slimespotterearys, zoezoomers, jellywangles and the terrifyingtremblepips.

Now Moaning Millie and Joany Jack were feeling tired so it was time to go home so they said their goodbyes got in their car and took their journey home. They said goodbye to Buggy Beetle, hopped into their beds and got snuggled up fast asleep.

The End!

Twinnies Tricks
By Ella Buttress, Year 5

Harriet and Harmony loved to play tricks,

They often swap clothes and get lost in a mix.

One day they decided to play a terrible joke,

And Sensible Simon got covered in yoke.

It was gooey, sticky and messy,

Those terrible twins are very pesky.

One day the joke back-fired on them,

When they were chased down the road by a furious hen!

On Monday 2 February 2015 we held an information session for parents on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG).  For those parents who were unable to attend please find below a copy of the presentation along with other useful information.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation presentation (click to view)

We held a ‘Reading Information’ session for parents in December 2013, and received some thejollypostmangreat feedback from those who were able to come along.  The aim of the session was to share with parents information about the way that Reading is taught at Mawsley, and provide you with some great ways of helping your children progress at home.

We know that it can be difficult to attend some of our information sessions, and as such wanted to share with you some of the key messages on our website.  Below is a short presentation that takes you through some of topics we covered.  If you would like any further information or would like to discuss anything you see, then we would love to hear from you.  In the first instance please speak with you childs teacher.

Please find below recommended reading lists for home reading which offer suggested texts and authors which may be of interest to your children and will be relevant to their reading age/level.

1. Pink – Yellow

2. Blue – Green

3. Orange – Lilac

4. Gold – Lime

5. Silver – Grey

6. Diamond – Dark Blue

7. Dark Red – Amethyst