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be yourself

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Welcome to Mawsley!

The winner of the music competition has been announced!


Entrants had to create a track using electronic music production software (GarageBand or WalkBand) in order to be in with a chance of winning. The winner was Jennifer in Year 3, who created a fantastic EDM track with a great bass drop!


Well done Jennifer, you are a superstar DJ in the making!

Our school opened in 2004 to serve the new Northamptonshire village of Mawsley. Since that time, I have been delighted to work with children, parents, staff, governors, and members of the local community to see the school grow from 87 pupils to the current 335 on roll.

We are pleased to be able to go the extra mile and provide our children with memorable learning experiences both in and out of school. We encourage everyone in our school family to: Be brave, be kind, be yourself.

Thank you,

Miss Harris


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We have been revamping our Foundation and Key Stage One reading scheme to ensure that it is fully phonetically decodable.


To help us do this we were lucky enough to have received £1000 from @1StopCommunity’s #CarriersforCauses.  This will really make a difference to our book stocks and help our youngest children develop their love for reading.


A big thank you from all of us-we love all our brand new books.

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If you are concerned about the welfare of a child during this Covid-19 closure period, please contact our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs). Contact details are available on our school website: https://www.mawsleyschool.co.uk/

If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child during the Covid-19 closure period outside of school hours, please contact the MASH team on 0300 126 1000 (option 1) or e-mail them at MASH@northamptonshire.gcsx.gov.uk 


If you think a child is in immediate danger or missing, please contact the police and/or an ambulance directly by phoning 999

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As the winner of a design competition, organised by YPO, a pupil won £500 worth of books for her school! These book choices are all recommended rich texts for classroom libraries in Key Stage 2, and have provided a much needed boost of excitement to our bookshelves. 

As well as novels, the classrooms will all have books from the 'Greatest Stories' collection; these are stories that children's author Michael Morpurgo believes every child should know before they leave primary school. Upon seeing this array of wonderful books,  the pupil who loves to read herself - said that she is particularly excited to see the children reading these new texts, as she knows that this huge selection of books will be enjoyed by so many children!  

Thank you, on behalf of everybody at Mawsley School!

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Our Vision

At Mawsley School we promote an ethos where all children are challenged and supported to achieve their personal best.  Through the promotion of independence, inquisitiveness and determination children are empowered to want to be the best they can be.  Children at Mawsley are entitled to an education where their needs are met and they are provided opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge to grow into young people who contribute positively to society and succeed in life.  Life skills and social skills will be embedded to ensure children are well prepared when they move on.  


We aim:

  • To provide a stimulating, challenging and inclusive curriculum working to achieve the highest standards in all we undertake.
  • To promote good role models in the pursuit of spiritual, social cultural and moral values.

  • To establish an atmosphere of praise and encouragement for children and adults.

  • To develop a sense of partnership and community between children, parents, staff and governors and members of the wider community.

  • To provide opportunities to develop cultural awareness.

  • To help our children use technology confidently and prepare children for what lies ahead in the next stage of their learning journey through life.

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