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Well done Class 13 for your hard work with home learning this week! 


A really big well done to Darcy, Evie & Harry G, Thalia, Naglis, Meghan, Finlay A, Toby, Evie C, Ted, Charlotte, Eva G, Luke, Summer and Lauren for completing their My Maths work.


IXL superstars this week include Finlay A, Daracy, Toby, Nathan, Evie C, Evie D, Max D, Hettie, Sammy,Eva, Harry G, Charlotte, Ebony, Annie, Lauren - and Ted who has answered a staggering 1,140 questions!


A massive well done to these children, who have completed a book and quizzed on AR - fantastic to see that they are being so smart with their time by reading: Finlay A, Toby, Nathan, Evie C, Eva, Evie G, Meghan, Beth and Lauren - fantastic scores children! 


It's absolutely fabulous to see that Ted, Sammy, Annie and Finlay A have been reading chapters on Fiction Express - well done boys and especially Annie for representing the girls so far... Who can check it out for next week?! 


It has been so lovely to see various photos of work that has been completed this week and Mrs T, Mrs I and Mr W even had some art work created for them by Beth! Thanks Beth! 


Dakota has been exploring some different skills at home that have included baking (i'm sure my piece will be left on my doorstep soon Dakota!) and making some clever creations by sewing, using a sewing machine! 


Tahlia has been learning lots more about Geography and History, alongside our Yr 6 tasks, through extra research.


Ebony has also been baking (again, just leave it on the doorstep Ebony), she has been inspired by Mrs B to learn sign language too - what a brilliant idea to use this time to learn a new language! 


Meghan has produced a wonderful piece of art work this week, based on the work of Stephanie Peters, showing her artistic impression of a twister.


Inspired by our story writing competition that we set for this week, Naglis has written what he describes as his, 'best piece of writing ever!', to be submitted online - as has Nathan, which was a particularly creepy and descriptive story that sent a chill down my spine! Sammy has also written hish entry - I know this was a story setting that would have definitely ignited his inner author, as has Toby too. Well done everyone!


Charlotte has really enjoyed completing her Titanic reading comprehension task - for which she achieved 100%! Well done! 


Toby has achieved an incredible record this week - 103 keepie ups!!! It is his new personal record. Toby has also been inspired by the books; Artemis Fowl and has just started a new series - sounds like a good recommendation if you are looking for something to read. 


Well done to everyone for this brilliant work that you have done - and everyone else at home who has been working hard.


Keep in touch and stay safe.


Mrs T, Mrs Istok and Mrs B x

Class 14 Shout Outs

Class 14 have been really busy with their home learning this week. Firstly, a massive well done to Esme, Evie.H, George, Sophia, Jake, Noah, Ross, Chloe and Enan for completing their MyMaths activity. 


Also a big well done to George, Daisy, Ben, Esme, Enan, Ella, Francessca, Jayden, Jensen, Olly.H, Sophia.H, Evie.H, Ross, Danai, Arthur, Jake, Chloe, Hana, Olly.W and Scarlett who have all been working hard on IXL this week!


Another big well done to Esme, Danai, Olly.H, Enan, Ella and Sophia, who have quizzed on Accelerated Reader this week. Also to Daisy and Sophia, who have worked on Fiction Express!


I have loved seeing the writing that Arthur, Jake, Noah, Mason, Scarlett, Olly.H, Olly.W, Sophia, Ella and Esme have sent me this week!


Lastly, massive congratulations to Sophia for her brilliant Nick Rowland inspired artwork, Ella for her amazing baking skills and Chess for completing an Open University Course (intended for adults), which was about how children's books communicate to their readers!


Keep up the great work Class 14, I'm missing you all, but I love how hard you guys are working at home - I'm very proud of you all!

Mr Walton! :)


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