Physical Education

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PE Challenge for your chance to earn a medal!

How far can you walk or run by Sunday 21st February 2021?
Walking Boots

Hello Mawsley,

Mr Walton and I have an active challenge for you over this lockdown period. We would like you to set yourself a goal of how far you can walk or run or even a combination of the two. Have a look at our suggestions below and try and challenge yourself!

  •        10,000 steps everyday – you could use a Fitbit or step count watch to track this.

  •        54 miles (3miles, 3 times a week over 6 weeks) – you could use a running/walking app such as Strava or Nike           Running (both free) to record this.

  •        100 kilometres walking and running - you could use a running/walking app such as Strava or Nike Running               (both free) to record this.

  •         Half an hour walk everyday – Use a clock to time yourself.

  •         Or invent your own challenge that will challenge you like Captain Tom!

Set a challenge – stay motivated – complete your challenge – email the school office between Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February to let us know you completed a challenge and we will award your efforts with a medal!

Have fun!