Dear mathematical enthusiasts,

In the newsletter dated 30 September 2016 I referred to resources to help you support your child in mathematics. The first of these is a leaflet full of fun activities that you can do with your child at home.  Please click on the link for the year group you would like to look at.

Supporting your child Year Reception

Supporting your child Year 1

Supporting your child Year 2

Supporting your child Year 3

Supporting your child Year 4

Supporting your child Year 5

Supporting your child Year 6

We held an information afternoon for parents all about maths at school.  Please find below the presentation that was given all about Mathematical thinking.  We have also included below the long term plan for maths at Mawsley CP School and sample maths papers for you to have a look at. If you have any questions please contact me on the email address at the bottom of the page.

Miss Childs

Developing mathematical thinking presentation

Long Term Plan 2015-2016

Sample KS1_mathematics paper 2 reasoning

Sample KS2_mathematics paper 2 reasoning

Another successful workshop was held on Friday 3rd October exploring the concepts of multiplication and division. I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who attended (I hope you had fun, I certainly did) for all the feedback and ideas you gave me on how mathematics is being taught here at Mawsley Primary. Listed below are some of the points and issues that were raised and the actions that will or are taking place:

1.     Some parents felt that the homework being set did not reflect the work that the child was doing in class.- This has been raised in the last staff meeting and the importance of making sure that the children understand the work they have been set before they attempt it has been emphasised.

2.    The majority of parents wanted more frequent workshops and would like key stage one and two workshops to be separate.- I felt this was a good idea and the next workshop will be on Monday 27th April and will focus on Key stage 2.

3.    Parents requested that useful websites and apps be placed on the website.- Each year group will be placing links and apps within their year group folder within the website.

4.    Parents would like weekly updates of the methods being taught to their children so that they can support at home.- These will be placed on the website at the beginning of each half term by class teachers.

5.    Parents requested a mathematics workshop be dedicated to the Reception classes and be held at the beginning of the year.-This request has been relayed to the Reception class teachers who will be organising a date for next September.

6.    Place value grid formats were requested - These are now available for printing off in maths corner.

Please remember that if you have any mathematical enquiries you can always reach me through my school email address: I really do want to hear from you. Helping children achieve excellence and confidence in mathematics requires a partnership between parents and school and we really do value your opinions.

Place Value Chart (click to view)

Hello all you Mathematics lovers out there. 


Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and governors who attended our first mathematics information session.  As a subject leader (and self confessed mathematics enthusiast) I found all your feedback extremely useful and have consequently spent some happy hours acting on your suggestions.

If you would take a look at our Calculation Policy 2013, you will see that I have added some colour banding.  Each colour corresponds to a year group and will encompass the majority of calculation that the children will be introduced to throughout the year.

I am also pleased to announce that starting on 20th January 2014 each year group will post a detailed brief of the mathematics that will be covered in that half term (with an added glossary of mathematical terms).  However, do be aware that this will be a provisional mathematics map and that it may be adapted according to the progress and needs of the children.

You will also find in our newly minted ‘Maths corner’ a link to a great mathematics dictionary and I have also added the power point presentation that I went through with you on progression in addition and subtraction.

One final resource that I have added for interested parties is a presentation on Mawsley Primary School’s mathematical journey over the last three years.  As always I am extremely keen to hear your ideas on where you feel mathematics in our school should head in the future (I have a few ideas myself).

My school email address is and I shall wait with baited breath to hear from you all.