Here at Mawsley CP School, we focus on our children as role models and encourage them to make good choices for the right reasons. We have a variety of groups that take this to the next level. 

Peer Tutors

Our Peer Tutors are our learning role models. They help the younger children in the school with their learning and also offer their support and knowledge.

Learning Ambassadors

Our Learning Ambassadors are specially chosen children from each class that we believe have the ability to show everybody what a good learner looks like. They work with Miss Childs and the governors in order to improve learning across the school. They also undertake learning walks each week and feedback to the school during Friday assembly any good learning behaviours they have seen.

Our Young Leaders are our sports role models. They show the skills and attributes of talented sportspeople and pass their skills and knowledge onto our younger pupils. Currently, our Young Leaders run the athletics club for Year 3 and 4.

Young Leaders

ICT  Leaders

Our ICT Leaders are children that have been chosen due to their flair for all things technical. They understand how to stay safe online and how to advise children with any concerns or worries related to online behaviour. In particular, directing them towards Mr Weston or Mrs Revell-Wright to report issues. Our ICT Leaders are also available to provide expertise in a range of computer based programmes. They also monitor and support children during inside play at lunchtimes on the computers.