A Journey through Maths

We hope you enjoyed visiting the classrooms to see how learning in maths progresses across the year groups.

Careers Day

Wow - what an amazing morning we had at school on Monday as 21 different speakers from a huge range of the careers gave inspirational talks on the world of work and their journeys into their various fields of industry! We are so lucky at Mawsley to be in a community with such a wealth of amazing occupations.

Bake Sale 2019

What an amazing start to the week Monday was with The Great Mawsley Bake Off.  The school was buzzing as children carefully carried precious parcels of cupcakes they had lovingly made at the weekend into their classrooms. 

We would like to thank everyone who baked for the competition and everyone who came with their money and waited patiently to be served during the cake sale after school.  We raised an amazing £300.00 for the school.