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Year 5

The school year is broken down into 6 terms with each having it’s own specific boeing-401844_640area of focus.  Below you will see that we have described the key topic area and if you would like more detailed information, simply follow the link.  Also during year 5 the children have the opportunity to go swimming for one term and learn how to play the Samba drums.


Autumn Term 1 – What makes a Wonder of the World? (click here to view)

Autumn Term 2 – What has the World learnt from WWII? (click here to view)

Spring Term 1 – How was Mount Everest created and  where does the Mississippi begin? (click here to view) 

Spring Term 2 – Were the Vikings really vicious? (click here to view)

Summer Term 1 – What makes the Earth angry?

Summer Term 2 – What do we still use today from Ancient Egypt?