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We all know how much fun you get up to both inside and outside of school, and how you like to share your ideas and experiences with one another.

So if you have been somewhere, read or done something that you think other people might like too, then why not share it with us?  We will add it to this page so that your friends can take a look!

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Here are some of the things that children from the school have shared with us:

Well I don’t really like literacy but I think this week I have really pushed myself in an area I don’t feel comfortable in.  Also I have produced some really good work, along the lines of a highway man poem.  I have been selected as learner of the week. (From Tobin Denton – Year 6 “well done on learner of the week Tobin!”)

I loved my topic on World War 2 because class 11 and class 12 worked together as a single year group.  Mr Weston and Miss Underwood have inspired me and I am sure everyone else in the year agrees that they made the topic fun.  I would like to say I loved the song “Evacuate!!! Evacuate!!!” and the dance moves. (From Mae Lord – Class 11 “thanks for the taking the time to get in touch Mae – we’re thrilled that you were inspired and had such good fun!”)

I like Mr Weston becasue he gives out ‘smelly stickers’ and he is a great teacher.” (From Ben Tucker – Class 12 “we’re glad you like the smelly stickers Ben!”)

I liked the ‘Algebra Meltdown‘ website it was really fun to have a go at.  I thought it was really easy but it was a challenge when you got to level ‘Extreme’ (From Tobin Denton – Class 13 “well done for getting to the ‘Extreme’ level Tobin!”)

I like doing spellings in class – it gives you a challenge and it was fun (From Sam Bradbury – Class 12 “We’re glad you enjoyed the spellings Sam!”)

The school trip to the Imperial War Museum Duxford taught us loads about World War 2 and we all had a great day (From Sam Bradbury – Class 12 “Sounds like you had a great trip Sam!”)

I liked the [Mad Science] people who came in and showed us many different experiments and I really enjoyed it!

I visited the Bovington Tank Museum with my family.  It was fun and educational.  There were lots of exciting sectionsand by the end I was an expert on tanks.

I visited Adrenaline Alley.  It was really fun, expecially as we did it for the Olympics

The Cooking Club helps and teaches me a lot.  It is a fantastic chance to cook.

I have read Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  The book is awesome because it has lots of interesting words.

.  We get to learn different skills in swimming and we all get better every week.  I really want to do it again.

Places to Visit

Salcey Forest

Adrenaline Alley

National Space Centre – Leicester

Kettering Swimming Pool

Northampton Shoe Museum