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Our Staff

We offer all of our pupils a rich and rewarding learning environment through great teaching staff with a mix of experience. In addition we have an excellent team of support staff; some of whom have been at the school since it first opened its doors. We offer our staff members regular training to ensure we can take advantage of the most up-to-date teaching, support and first aid techniques.

You will find a list of all members of staff in the table (with a brief intro from the children!), below that we provide an insight into our Senior Leadership team, our Extended Leadership team and our Subject Leaders; the members of these teams work together to provide our children with a rich and rewarding learning environment.


Elaine PictureMrs Elaine Wright

Head Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead

“Mrs Wright is a supporting headteacher who helps all our pupils strive in what they do, in and out of school. With a firm but fair attitude to all that she does, Mrs Wright always has a SMILE on her face.”

DA-1107082608Miss Michelle Harris

Assistant Headteacher & SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator)

Designated Safeguarding Lead

“Miss Harris is the solution to fun learning. She can help you to challenge your learning and succeed. She always has time to help the children. Miss Harris can put a gigantic smile on your face, she’s a smile maker!”

CI-1107082453Mrs Helen Smith


DA-1107112347Miss Beth Pattle

Class 1 Teacher

“Miss Pattle is a generous, loving teacher who cares for all her pupils. She has an amazing sense of humour and tries to make every lesson not only a learning experience but a fun, memorable activity.”

OTD 0043277020023Mrs Rebecca Underwood

Class 2 Teacher

“Mrs Underwood is an organised teacher who is always teaching with a smile on her face. Like all the teachers she is always willing to help you out with any matters from home to school education.”

miss-l-claytonMiss Laura Clayton

Class 2 Teacher

DA-1107103602Miss Andrea Cox

Class 3 Teacher & Assistant SENCO

Designated Safeguarding Lead

“Miss Andrea Cox is PE coordinator and helps not only her class in physical education lessons but she also organises most of the sports clubs in Mawsley School. Miss Cox also has experience in the performing arts and puts on a Glee club for Key Stage 1 children. Miss Cox is an amazing teacher and gives lots of support to children who are struggling.”

CI-1107104600Mrs Penny Farrow

Class 4 Teacher

“Mrs Farrow is a very positive teacher and everybody loves her.  She always has a smile on her face and teaches the children determination in all they do.”


mrs-c-buckleMrs Cheryl Buckle

Class 5 Teacher

Gemma PictureMrs Gemma Revell-Wright

Class 5 Teacher

“Mrs Revell-Wright is amazing she makes every lesson fun and exciting and everyone loves being in her class.  She also has really cool pets!”

100004Miss Stefanie Clegg

Class 6 Teacher

mrs-de-la-salleMrs Natalie De La Salle

Class 7 Teacher

“Mrs De La Salle has a fun, kind and caring personality. She always has something nice to say to us. She helps us in sticky situations and tough times.”

Kieran PictureMr Kieran Smith

Class 8 Teacher

“Mr Smith is great and working with him in his class he has made it really fun to learn also made it fun with literacy so I’m telling you that if you find something boring Mr Smith will make it fun. Mr Smith is also an awesome guitarist.”

CI-1107082521Mrs Ellen Hobday

Class 9 Teacher

“Mrs Hobday pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone, to get you to where you need to be at the end of the year. Mrs Hobday gives out awards if you try your hardest. She plans lessons to make them fun and educational.”

CI-1107082745Mr Gareth Weston

Class 10 Teacher

“Mr Weston teaches year 4 class 10. He is a great teacher and loves sport; he manages the year 5/6 football team.”

mrs-j-tedoreMrs Jen Tedore

Class 11 Teacher

miss-c-frost-2Miss Cherelle Frost

Class 12 Teacher

Dawn PictureMiss Dawn Childs

Class 13 Teacher – Senior Leader of Education and Mathematics Specialist

“Miss Childs is a loving and caring person who never gives up on us. That’s why we all love her.”

Lynn PictureMrs Lynn Johnston

Class 14 Teacher

“Mrs Johnston is the teacher of class 14. She is funny and really kind because she helps the children to develop their knowledge of general life. She is also the head of the Young Leaders! She helps year 6’s coach the younger ones in playground activities.”

P1010908-001Mrs Anne Hollwey


“Mrs Hollwey is a fantastic teacher who never puts us down and that is why she is an amazing teacher.”



Mr Lee Walton

Student Teacher

Mrs C AshallMrs Claire Ashall

Librarian/Lunchtime Supervisor

DA-1107085123Mrs Eloise Baird

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

CI-1107082510Mrs Judy Bauckham

Teaching Assistant


Karen B PictureMrs Karen Brown

Teaching Assistant

mrs-c-burlinMrs Claire Burlin

Teaching Assistant

CI-1107095526Mrs Linda Butler

Learning Support Assistant

mrs-hayesMrs Anthea Hayes

Teaching Assistant

Alison PictureMrs Alison Cope

Learning Support Assistant

DA-1107085734Mrs Tracey Denney

Teaching Assistant



Mrs Amanda Di Rienzo

Teaching Assistant

DA-1107082730Mrs Pauline Duncan

Learning Support Assistant

mrs-e-gillMrs Elaine Gill

Learning Support Assistant

mrs-groomMrs Emma Groom

Parent Support Worker/Designated Safeguarding Lead


Helen H PictureMrs Helen Hughes

Learning Mentor/Learning Support Assistant


mrs-huntMrs Nicola Hunt

Teaching Assistant

mrs-m-istokovaMrs Martina Istokova

Higher Level Teaching Assistant


CI-1107095811Mrs Joanne Lenton-Giddings

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs H MallinsonMrs Heather Mallinson

Learning Support Assistant

mrs-a-mcnamaraMrs Amy McNamara

Learning Mentor

Mrs A MillerMrs Angie Miller

Teaching Assistant

CI-1107120532Mr Aaron Moorman

Teaching Assistant


Jane PictureMrs Jane Shaw

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L ShawMrs Lynne Shaw

Teaching Assistant


DA-1107083604Mrs Rebecca Simmons

Teaching Assistant



DA-1107085754Mrs Tracey Smith

Learning Support Assistant

 mrs-e-wilsonMrs Emma Wilson

Teaching Assistant

Miss L WrightMiss Lisa Wright

Teaching Assistant





Mrs J BeattieMrs Joanne Beattie

School Administrator


DA-1107083312Mrs Nicola Watts

Finance Assistant


CI-1107083602Mr Brian Sellars

Site Supervisor

Mrs C ReedMrs C Reed


P1010850-001Mr Ian Yates



CI-1107115104Mrs Marie Beattie

Lunchtime Supervisor




miss-c-dowsettMs Carla Dowsett

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss V GreelyMiss Vanessa Greely

Lunchtime Supervisor



mrs-b-guntonMrs Beverley Gunton

Lunchtime Supervisor

DA-1107113119Mrs Clare Jackson

Lunchtime Supervisor

mrs-r-mcmahonMrs Rhonda McMahon

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S MortimoreMrs Sandra Mortimore

Lunchtime Co-ordinator




mrs-a-osborneMrs Adele Osborne

Lunchtime Supervisor

mrs-a-ralphMrs Aysha Ralph

Lunchtime Supervisor

DA-1107115834Mrs Niki Snow

Lunchtime Supervisor



Mrs A Wright picMrs Amy Wright

Lunchtime Supervisor

Leadership  Team

    • Elaine Wright – Head Teacher
    • Michelle Harris – Assistant Head Teacher/SENCO & Gifted and Talented/Philosophy
    • Andrea Cox – Assistant SENCO & Teacher Class 3
    • Dawn Childs – Maths Subject Leader, KS2 Leader & Teacher Class 13
    • Beth Pattle –  FS & KS1 Leader & Teacher Class 1
    • Natalie De La Salle – English Subject Leader & Teacher Class 7
    • Helen Smith – Bursar

Subject Leaders

    • Anti-bullying – Jen Tedore
    • Art – Penny Farrow & Anne Hollwey
    • Brainboost – Michelle Harris
    • Design & Technology – Rebecca Underwood
    • French – Ellen Hobday
    • Geography – Lynn Johnston
    • Global Links – Stef Clegg
    • History – Lynn Johnston
    • ICT/E-Safety – Gareth Weston & Gemma Revell-Wright
    • Music – Kieran Smith
    • PE –  Andrea Cox, Lee Walton & Cherelle Frost
    • Philosophy/PSHE/SMSC – Beth Pattle, Michelle Harris & Gareth Weston
    • Religious Education – Eloise Baird
    • Science – Ellen Hobday
    • Pupils’ Parliament – Cheryl Buckle
    • Peer Tutors – Jen Tedore

School Governors

  •   Mrs Erica Wilson
AG Governors
    •   Miss Pat Downing – Chair
Co-opted Governors
    •   Mrs Melanie Adams – Vice Chair
    •   Mr Toby Alderson-Smith
    •   Mrs Tricia Cottington
    •   Mr Stephen Harmon
    •   Mr Stephen King
    •   Mr Andrew Taylor
Parent Governors
    •   Mr Steve Buckle
    •   Mr Greg Guilford
    •   Mr Geoff Marston
    •   Mrs Suzanne McMinn
    •   Mr Phil Orchard
Staff Governors
    •   Mrs Elaine Wright – Head Teacher
    •   Mrs Helen Smith