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A message from Michelle Harris – Headteacher

Our school opened in September 2004 to serve the new Northamptonshire village of Mawsley. Since that time I have been delighted to work with children, parents, staff, governors and members of the local community and see the school grow from 87 pupils to the current 388 on roll.DA-1107082608

During that time our school family has had to work around the challenges of three major building projects to expand the school from seven to fourteen classes. Despite this, everyone associated with the school has worked extremely hard to develop and create an inspiring curriculum for our children that helps them develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they will need for the future.

We are pleased to be able to “go the extra mile” and provide our children with memorable learning experiences both in and out of school. We encourage everyone within our school family to:

Think it, learn it, believe it, ACHIEVE IT!

Please take time to look around our website and find out what we have been up to lately. I’m sure you will agree that Mawsley Primary School is a very busy, inspiring and innovative place to work and learn.

Our Vision

Our vision, aims and aspirations are to create a safe, happy and motivating environment where children are able to develop their knowledge and skills, make good progress and achieve high standards through shared expectations.

We aim:

    • To provide a stimulating, challenging and inclusive curriculum working to achieve the highest standards in all we undertake.
    • To promote good role models in the pursuit of spiritual, social cultural and moral values.
    • To establish an atmosphere of praise and encouragement for children and adults.
    • To develop a sense of partnership and community between children, parents, staff and governors and members of the wider community.
    • To provide opportunities to develop cultural awareness.
    • To help our children use technology confidently and prepare children for what lies ahead in the next stage of their learning journey through life.

Our Values

At Mawsley Primary School we work to develop each child as an individual not only academically but also in their personal development. Excellent behaviour and attitudes are very important to us.

To help with this aspect of our work we have taken on the values of courage, determination, friendship, equality, excellence, inspiration and respect in all we do, as a legacy of our school Olympic Project in 2012. Around the school these values are seen in each classroom and in our school hall.

Children who show these values each day at school are praised and at the end of each of our six terms one child from each class is rewarded with a wristband which celebrates the value they have demonstrated.

We hope that children who have been awarded these wristbands will wear them each day and continue to be good role models for others.