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rocketWe thought you might like these websites, books and places to visit!  If we’ve missed a great place, or something cool to read then let us know and we’ll add it here to share with your friends.




Mathletics is a great place to go to play fun maths games.  You earn points for the games you play and earn rewards.  You can play against the computer or if you want to can play against  other children from around the world.  If you do really well, you might find yourself at the top of the leader board!


A few adverts and some very bright colours on coolmath4kids but its well worth looking passed that to get to the huge variety of games and quizzes that will help hone your maths skills!




Readings Eggs is one of our favourite literacy websites.  There are loads of great things to read, and games to play.  You get to have a little character, and as you read you receive points which you can use to buy things for your room and character!



These great learning resources started out life as a project by Crick Primary school – having outgrown their original website the free online resources have been moved to their own site.  Lots to do here including using different word types, and how to build sentences.  Plenty to do in other subjects too, including history and geograpghy.




You can while away ages on this fab website from the Royal Society, investigate scientists past and present, do quizzes and have a go at some experiments too!





Learn about science with fun interactive games.  Enjoy science games and learn about science and technology. There’s a range of free online activities on animals, plants, chemistry, biology, physics, space, magnets, electricity, forces, light, sounds, gases or other science related topics.


ROAR! The Natural History Museum in London is known all over the world for its brilliant collection of dinosaur skeletons, but thats not the half of it and their website has got some great things to play and learn about


britishmuseumThe British Museum have some great things to learn about in their ‘Young Explorers’ website.  They have lots of information about the artifacts they have collected from around the world, and you can look at pictures and learn interesting facts about them too!



Interested in art and design? Want to know more about architecture, photography or sculpture what about fashion?  If any of this tickles your fancy then the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum and webiste might be just the ticket!



The Imperial War Museum website some great insight into the course, causes and consequences of conflict from the First World War to the present day.  Find out about life on board a Second World War battleship, compare First World War poetry with soldiers’ trench art or explore the science of flight in the shadow of Concorde.



There are some brilliant places to visit online, sites that can help you learn great new facts, practice your maths, and even keep in touch with friends.  However it is really important that you know how to stay safe.  The CEOP site has some really good information, and fun games that teach you how to use the Internet properly.



KidRex is a fun and safe search for kids, by kids! KidRex searches emphasize kid-related webpages from across the entire web and are powered by Google Custom Search™ and use Google SafeSearch™ technology.



The BBC have some great games, videos and quizzes on lots of different topics including Art, Music and languages.



The British Library is a treasure trove of  books and stories.  Their website has got some really cool things to look at including a fantastic timeline of British history that even lets you look at famous books and letters from days gone by.



Do we have any budding artists in the room?  The Tate Kids site is a colourful and creative site that is bursting with great ideas for you to try out.




We all want you to have fun outside playing with your friends and riding your bikes, but it is really important that you keep safe whilst you are out.  This website teaches you some simple and easy to remember rules that will help keep you and your family safe.


Something I have enjoyed

If you have been somewhere or read something that you think other people might like too, why not share it with us – we can add it to this page so that your friends can take a look!

My Name

My Class

The thing I liked was:

I liked it because:

Here are some of the things that children from the school have shared with us:

I liked the [Mad Science] people who came in and showed us many different experiments and I really enjoyed it!

Bovington Tank Museum.  It was fun and educational.  There was lots of exciting parts to it by the end I was an expert on tanks.

Adrenaline Alley.  It was very fun, expecially as we did it for the Olympics

Cooking Club.  It helps and teaches me a lot.  It is a fantastic chance to cook.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  This book was awesome because it had lots of interesting words.

Swimming.  We get to learn different skills in swimming and we all get better every week.  I really want to do it again.

Places to Visit

Salcey Forest

Adrenaline Alley

National Space Centre – Leicester

Kettering Swimming Pool

Northampton Shoe Museum