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Statutory Information

Please find below key information regarding our school that we have been asked to publish on our school website.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Most recent Ofsted Inspection report

Please click on the link to view our most recent Ofsted report – January 2014

Key Stage 2 Results 2016

We are very pleased with all the hard work and effort put in by the children who left our school in July 2016 to move on to their secondary schools.  Please see below their end of Key Stage 2 results.


Combined reading, writing and mathematics Reading



(Teacher Assessment)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling Mathematics
School 72%

(significantly above the national average)


(significantly above the national average)


(significantly above the national average)


(significantly above the national average)

National 53% 66% 74% 72% 70%


  Expected Standard High Standard
Reading 84% 23%
Writing 88% 33%

(significantly above the national average)

Grammar, Punctuation and spelling 86% 28%
Mathematics 77% 19%

School average scaled score: (average =100)

Reading 104
Mathematics 104
Grammar, punctuation and spelling 106

Average scaled score for reading and maths: -0.6 (in line with the national average)

Progress: average = 0

Reading -0.2
Writing 1.2
Mathematics   -0.8


Key Stage 1 Results 2016



Writing Maths
School 76% 71% 73%
National 74% 65% 73%


Year 1 Phonics Screening 2016

School 83%
National 81%

Also please click on the link to see the results published online by the Department for Education.


For all information regarding our curriculum please go to our Curriculum page which contains details for each academic year group broken down into terms along with how the school works using Wow weeks and Core weeks. The Phonics programme we use in Foundation Stage and across Key Stage 1 is the  Read/Write Inc reading scheme where the children learn the initial sounds and then we teach them how to blend the sounds together to read words.


All of our policies are available to read or download on our Documents & Policies page but please find below are Behaviour policy, Special Educational Needs policy and the school’s Charging and Remissions policy and Complaints Policy:

Behaviour Discipline and Exclusion Policy 2016

SEN Inclusion Policy – June 2016 – We have also been asked in line with the new code of practice to refer parents to the Local Offer portal at: www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/localoffer which is service for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Charging and Remissions Policy 

Complaints  Policy 2016

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy – Mawsley C. P School 2016-17

For this academic year 2016-17 (up to March 2017) we will be receiving a Pupil Premium allocation of £34,650. We aim to build on the successes of previous years whilst also establishing new provision to support the emerging needs of our learners. We continually assess our learners and adapt provision as is needed as well as reacting to formal data collected at the end of the term. Work carried out at school to support our learners is discussed with them to evaluate the impact on their learning.

The main barriers for educational achievement identified by staff and pupils are:

  • Home support not as available as peers. (A)
  • Pupil premium pupils making less progress than other pupils in reading, writing and maths. (B)
  • Pupil premium pupils not reaching expected standard in years 1-6 for reading, writing and maths. (C)
  • Less homework being completed by pupil premium pupils. (D)
  • Some pupil premium pupils not reaching expected standard in foundation subjects. (E)
  • Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties impacting academic progress.(F)
Barriers to educational achievement Strategies to address identified barriers Aim of Provision
B, C 1:1 tuition To support pupils’ learning so they can make better progress.


A, D, E Clubs Children have the opportunity to feel safe and supported in a controlled environment so they can make progress and extend their learning experience. To allow students the opportunity to use computers/books for homework or extra study.


E Payment of trips To be able to reduce the financial barriers to learning, so that all children can access opportunities and resources

to enhance their learning journey.


B, F Staff development Continuing professional development for staff to develop skills in order for

Student’s to make expected progress.


A Parent Support Worker To ensure families are well supported so home lives are settled and children can thrive at school.


F Learning Mentors For children to feel safe and supported so that they learn how to deal and cope

with the school and wider environment and reduce barriers to learning in order

to make progress  in the classroom.


B, C Teacher to teach small maths groups To increase progress in maths for selected pupils.


C Purchasing of IT resources To support pupils’ learning so they can make better progress.


B, F Assessment by Educational Psychologist To ensure up to date information is gathered in order to ensure pupil(s) make better progress.


B, C Purchase of Numicon resources To aid progress in maths in order for pupils to work towards the expected standard.


F Creation of ‘Chill Out’ room to allow pupils to rest at school and increase attendance and access to lessons. For children to feel safe and supported so that they learn how to deal and cope

with the school and wider environment and reduce barriers to learning in order

to make progress  in the classroom.


Impact will be monitored during an intervention and evaluated when the intervention has finished. Provision will be monitored using our school provision mapping system and following the intervention finishing or at the end of the academic year a star rating will be awarded as to the effectiveness we think, after evaluation, it had for our pupils. 5 stars is the highest rating with 1 star the lowest rating.

Pupil Premium – Mawsley C. P School 2015-2016

Mawsley C.P School receives Pupil Premium for each child that is currently registered to receive Free School Meals as well as those who have been registered in the last 6 years, and children who are registered as a Looked after Child. As a school we think carefully about our learners and their individual needs and how we can best support them to reach their potential. We have used our Pupil Premium funding to promote the development of the whole child, working on their attainment and progress as well as their emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.

In the academic year 2015-16 we received a Pupil Premium allocation of £57,090. We built on our successes of the last four years whilst also establishing new provision to support the emerging needs of our learners. Below is a summary of the impact our provision had on our pupil premium learners last year. Each provision has been awarded a star rating as to the effectiveness we think, after evaluation, it had for our pupils. 5 stars is the highest rating with 1 star the lowest rating.

Provision Aim of Provision Rating
Small group tuition for children in core subjects. To raise attainment in identified areas. ***
1:1 tuition To raise attainment in identified areas. ****
Payment of trips To enable full inclusion of pupil premium children in trips. *****
Music tuition To enable pupil to have access to music tuition. *****
Sports club To enable pupil to have access to sports club with peers. *****
Whole school training on Literacy and Language To raise attainment in literacy. **
Parent Support work For parents to meet with Parent Support Worker in order to gain regular updates on their child’s progress and information on how to support them at home. *****
Learning Mentors To support identified pupils in an identified area of need within class or in a 1:1 session or small group session out class. ***
Catch up sessions To support pupils with misunderstandings from morning sessions in order to access the next lesson. ****
Friendship or Social Programmes To support pupil with establishing friendship groups on the playground. ****

Please find find below previous information regarding pupil premium.

Pupil Premium Impact 2014-2015

Pupil Premium Impact 2013-2014

Pupil Premium Academic Year 2012

Pupil Premium Academic Year 2011

Sport Premium Funding

Sports Premium funding update 2014/2015
Initiative / Cost Provision and Rationale Outcomes and Impact

PE extra-curricular leader


To provide extra-curricular sporting opportunities for pupils across ks1 and ks2.To run clubs in line with the school sports partnership competition calendar and enter level 2 local competitions / festivals. Increased number of opportunities for participation in sport.Wider variety of sporting opportunity available.(Number of participants to be confirmed).
Kettering Sports PartnershipApprox.£2500 To provide training in preparation of the new curriculum (Real PE).To provide a context for children to compete and refine their sports skills.To increase playground activity in support of competent skills and positive attitudes in the context of physical literacy.To provide training and opportunities to compete, develop within school integration and across school citizenship skills for all pupils. School has received:A course of training sessions for Year 5 play leaders from Charlie Brewster and Phil Grantham. Bag of equipment received and is now in use in the playground.Training sessions for E Baird, G Weston in Real PE. Children have competed in a number of competitions / festivals at level 2. Qualified and competed in 7 events at the level 3 games.
ResourcesApprox.£3000 To raise boys enjoyment and engagement for reading through sport.To replenish and provide high quality and increased quantity of equipment in order to support learning.To provide opportunity to develop fundamental motor skills within our foundation stage. A boost in reading mileage of pupils who have attended the reading league.Increased active participation in lessons due to increased volume of resources and therefore an increase in skill level – evidenced through lesson observation and successful competition year.
External clubs£550 To provide additional extra – curricular opportunity for KS1 children as the majority of the competition calendar is aimed at KS2. 100% of pupils who requested a place received one, this was 60 out 120 children in KS1.This has established a club link out of school as children now attend the same class on a weekend.

Sports Premium funding update 2013/2014

This year primary schools received ‘Sport Premium’ funding from the Government to support PE and sport. Part of the allocated funding was received in the Autumn 2013 term and the remaining will be allocated during the summer term 2014. We will receive in total £9435.00 Here at Mawsley School we pride ourselves on the many successes we have enjoyed by taking part in festivals and competitions in the Kettering area against other local schools. Many of these events have lead to progressing onto competing at a county level including; football, hockey, sportshall athletics, netball, swimming and gymnastics. Last year our football team won the county final and progressed to compete in a regional championship and in past years we have been crowned national cheerleading champions. These successes have been greatly enjoyed by children, parents and staff but the real prize has been the opportunity for so many children to go out and represent their school with pride, displaying great sportsmanship and having fun! These opportunities have all been provided by Kettering School Sports Partnership. To continue to be a part of this partnership, with a cluster of other local schools, incurred a cost this year which we decided to pay using some of our funding. Since September Mawsley School has participated in a football league, a futsal tournament, a sportshall athletics competition and on 27th January we will be taking part in a swimming gala. Being part of the Kettering School Sports Partnership also offers a range of training opportunities for staff to attend. Mrs Baird and Mr Walton both attended a health and safety in PE course during the Autumn term. Mrs Underwood has been able to attend some training on Change for Life programmes. Both Miss Cox and Mrs Underwood have attended several cluster meetings with other schools to discuss the developments in PE ready for the launch of the new curriculum and I’m happy to report that here at Mawsley we have been recognised as providing an inclusive and effective curriculum for PE. Recently two members of key stage two staff have attended a ‘Real PE’ course which provides extensive training on the physical development needs of learners across the primary phase and they came back to school with a huge amount of resources. The Kettering School Sports Partnership provided this training for two staff members as part of their offer to schools. Staff returned to school so enthused by the training with what we could offer to our pupils and drive PE forward we decided to spend some of our funding on training three more teachers in using this scheme so that we could ensure progression and consistency in the teaching of PE as the children move through the school. We plan to develop our ‘Young Leaders’ in school who work hard during their lunch break to organise games for others by providing training for them in the near future. We will keep you up to date with our developments in PE and sport and how we are using this funding.

Sports Premium Funding – Update January – November 2014

It has been a busy year so far for our PE team, lots has been going on since our last update in January 2014. Our extra-curricular provision has expanded since receiving the Sports Premium and the children have been really enjoying all of their extra opportunities. We were able to offer a Booika club for our Key Stage One children before school during the summer term which was a dance exercise class. Both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two were able to enjoy some tennis training delivered by a coach from Kettering Tennis Club.  These took place before and after school. Following the tennis club some children were selected to represent the school at a tennis competition. 16 children were able to attend from Key Stage One in the morning and another 8 competed for Key Stage Two in the afternoon. A hockey club was offered for Years 3 and 4 which also gave opportunity for competition. Two teams went to compete against other local schools within the partnership. One of our teams went onto qualify for the Level 3 games to compete against the top schools in the county. We were also fortunate enough to send a team to the Level 3 games to compete in an archery event following some coaching in school. An athletics club for Key Stage 2 took place also in the summer term which was followed by a local competition where lots of our children were able to travel to Southfield School to compete. We provided transport for the children to and from this event as so many were competing. Since coming back in September we have continued to expand our after school clubs. During the Autumn term we offered Key Stage One and Key Stage Two football club which gave the opportunity for Key Stage Two to compete in a local schools’ league organised by the sports partnership. Years 4, 5 and 6 have also had a tag rugby club running which will continue to do so into the new year when they have the chance to compete with other local schools at Kettering Rugby Club. Sports hall athletics has been taking place on a Monday after school this term for Key Stage Two. Selected children will represent our school towards the end of the month at KLV. Year Two children have been having a go at archery this term after school and seem to be very much enjoying this experience. Also running this term is a hockey club for Year 3 and 4. This will hopefully prepare them for the new year when they can enter a hockey festival with other schools associated with the school sports partnership. Finally this term a gymnastics club has started for Years 3 to 6 and we are hoping to extend this for Key Stage One in the new year. We plan the clubs which we offer around the school sports partnership competition calendar. So far this academic year we have entered a football league, a futsal tournament and a sports hall athletics competition. Again, this year we have decided to buy into this service which offers opportunities for children to compete, information regarding training opportunities for staff and advice and support for curriculum teaching. The school sports partnership has been a great resource for us throughout the year.  It was through this service we were able to source coaches for our tennis training and also the archery. The partnership also provided training for every Year 5 pupil last year in becoming a ‘young leader’ in school. The children worked very hard to organise games and activities for younger children and encourage their participation. We are waiting on delivery of their certificates so we can share their achievement in assembly. We have also been able to replenish some of our PE resources through the sports premium funding such as; footballs, athletics equipment, pump adapters, tag rugby belts, cricket balls and ball pumps. New equipment has been purchased. We bought balance bikes for our reception children to use along with helmets for safety and a programme of delivery to help them learn to ride a bike. We have also purchased a trampoline to help with some of the work we do in school to support children with physical difficulties and a gym ball to support physiotherapy exercises. After the enjoyment our archery team expressed whilst competing at the Level 3 games in the summer term we decided that the opportunity for more children to try out this sport would be very positive for our school. We therefore used some funding to buy an archery set which we now have in school and currently use with some Year 2 children at an after school club. We are hoping that in the near future we are able to add some tablets with a recording device to our PE resources. We hope that by the children videoing each other performing skills this will help with self-assessment and peer to peer feedback in curriculum PE lessons. We will keep you up to date with our developments in PE and sport and how we are using this funding.

How to get in contact with the school

You can get in touch with us in person, by post, telephone or email – details of all can be found on our ‘contact us’ page.

Admissions arrangements

All admissions are dealt with directly by Northamptonshire County Council who you will need to contact in the event that you would like your child or children to attend the school.  We have some additional information on our ‘Admissions’ page.

Our ethos and values

We are proud of our school ethos and the way the children demonstrate our values.  To find out more about our school please visit the ‘our school’ page.