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Going the extra Mile

The Olympic Project

Our Olympic Project was an ambitious medaland innovative way to inspire our children to ‘Try Something New’ whilst ensuring they remembered the year the Olympics came to London for a long time to come!

We wanted every child in our school to have the chance to experience a new sporting activity alongside their peers every week for 6 weeks! With thanks to donations from the Mawsley Village Association, Parish Council, Local Councillor, school fundraising and our FOMS we were able to offer this £10,000 project to our children for no monetary cost. The only payment we asked from our children was for them to demonstrate everyday the Olympic values of Friendship, Inspiration, Determination, Excellence, Equality, Courage and Respect!

The activities the children were able to take part in were:

Foundation and Key Stage 1 children –  Archery, cricket, swimming, indoor bowls (working alongside the Village club), squash and golf.  Key Stage 2 children – Scooting and bmxing at Adrenaline Alley, Sledging at the Sno!Zone, Milton Keynes, Streetdancing, Walking and a Tree Top walk at Salcey Forest, Judo, Volleyball and Athletics.

‘What a year it has been, probably for me, my best year at work. To plan a project and watch it become a reality is so satisfying as a teacher. I have learned that when you plan a project for 333 children on a Monday, you don’t sleep very well every Sunday night! Every tired moment though was worth it! Proud!’    Miss A Cox

‘It was ambitious, some people may have thought we were crazy – but as a community we did it! It was a tricky job making sure all children and adults were where they were supposed to be and we nearly drowned under the paperwork but it was all worth it! The children’s faces at every activity have made me the happiest and proudest teacher.  Would I do it all again…? (you never know!)’    Miss M Harris

We wanted to create a legacy with this project and with the children London Paralympic Games - Day 6being enthusiastic about the values we introduced our ‘Values Awards’. Each term we award one child in each class a wristband for each of the values. They can proudly wear these to school and have their pictures displayed proudly in our school hall.

Inspire a generation – we hope we have!

MART (maths & art!) Day

In February a MART day combined tDSCN0607he work of Jackson Pollock with the application of maths  skills. The day started with an exciting and messy assembly where a whole school masterpiece was created through the throwing of paint and smiling children( although the same could not be said for our Site Supervisor!!). The children explored art and investigated different aspects of maths.

The Big Write Daydumbledore

Our writing day in December saw a Wizard visit our Key Stage 1 assembly whose magic recipes to transport himself to different settings had disappeared! With the help of a magic cauldron and the imagination of our children his spellbook was full by the end of the day. Luckily for us, he lent it to us to keep in our library! Through the magic of ICT Key Stage 2 had a visit from Dumbledore who set them the mission of creating new places! Thank goodness for the cauldron of nouns and abstract verbs that set our Key Stage 2 children on the road to the creation of their imaginary settings!

Careers Morning

On Thursday 7th February we had an informative and inspiring end to the half term! With 23 of you offering to give up your morning to talk about your careers our children were spoilt for choice! It was a hive of activity in every room in the school as the children (and staff!) discovered information about a variety of jobs and had the opportunity to ask questions and in some cases carry out practical tasks related to the jobs such as practising their football skills, pizza making and biscuit baking!

helicopterTo make it personal to the children we gave all 300 children in years 1 to 6 the choice of which talks they attended, meaning 300 different timetables! The children were amazing as they demonstrated their timetable reading skills and moved through school purposefully and quietly!

The children had the opportunity to meet, listen and question: a Wedding Planner, a Nurse/Midwife, Solicitor, Dental Technician, Staff from Dominos Pizza, a Baker, Secondary School Teacher, Charity worker, Footballer, RSPCA officer, a Games Designer, an Easyjet Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, Wellness Coach, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, a Plumber, Snowboarding Instructor, Driving Instructor, Animal Welfare Officer, a member of the Fire Brigade and a Policeman!

The following comments were made by children:

“I liked meeting the Helicopter Pilot because his job sounded interesting and cool!”

“I knew the Driving Instructor, he explained things really well. I know what to expect when I take my driving test in the future.”

“The footballer showed passion for his career. He has inspired me to want to become one!”

I liked finding out about all the jobs and how they got to be on that career.”

“They explained everything really well so I understood what they do in their jobs.”

“I know I have to work really hard and believe myself to achieve things.”

It was a fantastic morning which we couldn’t have held without those of you who were willing to give up your time. We thank you very much and hope you enjoyed it as much as our children

World Religion Day

It was World Religion day on  20th January and we as a school celebrated this day by having great fun learning all about different religions and festivals that are celebrated by different faiths. Each year group were given a different religion to explore and then share with the school. Below is what each year group were learning about.

Year 1 – Were learning all about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. The children learnt the story of Hanukkah and then looked at how Jewish people celebrate the festival of light by having some yummy food. Year 1 decided to cook and try a variety of Jewish foods such as Latkes, spicy cheese wafers, Jello Apple and chocolate coins.

Year 2 – Were learning about Hinduism. They were very lucky to have a visitor come into school and teach them a Hindu dance. The children also had an opportunity to try some meditation and learn about some Hindu Gods. They then sketched and painted some of the Hindu Gods which look great around school.

Year 3 – Were learning all about a miracle story in Christianity. They listened and discussed the Wedding at Cana thinking about the teachings Christians take from this story. They then designed and created some fantastic stained glass windows telling the Wedding at Cana miracle in their own way.

Year 4 – Were learning about the Islamic religion. They were particularly looking at Islamic art work and finding out about how Islamic patterns are continuous as they believe God is always around and his work and love is continuous. They have created their own Islamic patterns thinking about their learning about the Islamic faith.

DSCN0605Year 5 – Were also learning about Hinduism. They were looking at Henna designs and why Hindu’s like to have these over their hands and feet. The children then designed their own Henna patterns and were lucky enough to have these replicated on their own hands with some Henna dye. These looked fantastic.

Year 6 – Were learning all about Sikh stories and the morals these give to people who follow the faith. The children explored and discussed a variety of stories and then using the computer designed comic strips for these stories to appeal to younger children who want to learn or hear some Sikh stories.

We had a great time exploring the different religions and then at the end of the day we got together to share our learning and watch the Year 2s fantastic Hindu dances. As a school we are collating all the learning carried out on this day to create a school World Religion Book which will be placed in the Library for all to see.