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KS2 Athletics Competition

Athletics Yr 3-4 2

Throughout Tuesday forty children from Key Stage 2 went to Kettering Athletics Track to compete in the Quadkids Athletics Competition. During the morning twenty Year 3 and 4 children competed in two teams of ten against children from other schools. The Mawsley Green and Mawsley Blue teams were made of five boys and five girls, and each child would compete in all four events: 400m run, 50m sprint, vortex howler (throwing) and standing long jump. Both teams performed brilliantly throughout the competition and it was clear that their weeks of practice had paid off. This was particularly clear during the final event, the 400m, as it was evident how much the children were trying and were determined to do well. Special mention must go to Kitty MacCarthy and Reggie Millar who ran brilliantly, and William Wears, who set a new schools record for the 400m!

Athletics Yr 3-4

After participating in all of the four events the children then gathered for the presentation. It was great to speak to the children at this point to hear how much they were enjoying their day (although not so much the long distance run). The children were each awarded points for their team for their two times and two distances which were put towards their team total. Individual awards were first presented to the three boys and girls who had scored the most points overall for their team. William Wears was awarded 3rd out of the 80 boys in attendance and Brayden Billington was awarded 2nd out of the 80 boys; both magnificent achievements! The teams then received their positions. The Mawsley Green team managed to come an amazing 5th out of the 16 competing school teams, and the Mawsley Blue team managed to come 1st and win the whole event, each receiving a gold medal. This is first time we have ever won the District Athletics event as a school! Athletics Yr 5-6 The afternoon brought the Year 5 and 6 competition. Again the children were in Blue and Green teams of 5 girls and boys, and competed in four events: 75m, 600m, vortex howler and Standing long jump. The children again preformed exceptionally throughout a very hot afternoon. Across all twenty children there was consistent high standard in each event. It made me very happy to see how competent each girl or boy was in each of their four events, this stood out amongst the other schools. After the four events and then some non-competitive relays the presentations came around. Out of the 18 teams competing in the afternoon the Mawsley Green team came an impressive 7th and the Mawsley Blue team came an outstanding 2nd, each receiving a silver medal. This means that our Mawsley Blue team become the 8th Mawsley team to qualify for the county finals this year, another school record, beating last year’s 7 teams! Throughout the day all forty children made me very proud with their flawless behaviour, high ability levels and exceptional attitude towards their sport. Many thanks to all the parents/carers for transporting their children to and from the completion and for all to those parents/carers that were able to offer wonderful support to the children. Not only am I lucky enough to have the best children, we also have the best parents! Lastly huge thanks to Kate Thompson, Steve Buckle, Rachael Sherwood and Simon Collins for their support as parent helpers on the day, the children and I really appreciate it! Athletics Yr 5-6 2 Year 3/4 Mawsley Green: Millie Hunt, Kitty MacCarthy, Ishika Shah, Anisha Shah, Lola Buckle, Thomas Southwell, Danny Atkinson, Ryan Thompson, Reggie Millar and Piers Jackson. Year 3/4 Mawsley Blue: Sienna Hart, Daisie Webster, Millie Jones, Charlotte Farthing, Erin Whittaker, William Wears, Connor O’Neill, Brayden Billington, Luke Thompson and James Kay. Year 5/6 Mawsley Green: Daisy Scott, Flora Durrant, Maleea King, Summer Lane, Olivia Jacobs, Ronan Collins, Tate Lehane, William MacCarthy, Jack Mortimore and Zak Mileham. Year 5/6 Mawsley Blue: Amelia Thomas, Nevaeh Kirk, Rachael Newman, Alex Whittaker, Sophie McMahon, Alex Jordan, Thomas Steedman, Felix Miller, Matthew Sherwood and Dylan Mellor.


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