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Science Day February 2016


On Friday this week the children will be having a Science Day.

Each year group has planned an exciting day of activities:

  • Year R will be planting bean seeds ready for their beanstalk growing competition.
  • Year 1 will be investigating reversible and irreversible changes of materials as well as looking at different types of chocolate and their melting points.
  • Year 2 will be creating a junk model space station and will be acting out some drama with a space exploration theme. They will also be creating fact files about Tim Peake.
  • Year 3 will be investigating what happens when air is heated and will be designing and making mini hot air balloons. They will also be taking part in some parachute games.
  • Year 4 will be investigating how science has helped us to stay healthy and will be measuring out how many spoonfuls of sugar are hidden in many of our foods that we eat every day. Expect the children to have a much healthier awareness of what they are eating!
  • Year 5 will be investigating pollinators and how these insects are vital for our food chain.
  • Year 6 will be looking at optometry and how the science of this has helped us to understand how our eyes work. They will be investigating if there is a link between short/long sightedness and the amount of activity we do – a theory that is currently being investigated by scientists.


When we look at the big picture of what will enrich the children’s learning this week it is not surprising to see see how enthusiastic they are about these activities.


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