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Festive Performances


It’s been an exhausting and exciting week for Mawsley School this week. With Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 choir putting on festive performances for their friends and families.
Foundation Stage began the week and wowed parents with their very first school performances. With such little voices, they did amazingly to share all of their lines and sing all of their songs with such enthusiasm.
Key Stage Two choir then went on to perform at Cransley Church on Tuesday evening, sharing traditional Christmas hymns with their audience. All children involved sang beautifully and displayed exemplary behaviour.
Then it was Key Stage One’s turn to take to the stage and share their Christmas play. They all performed amazingly and the staff were very proud of how they maintained their energy and enthusiasm throughout every performance.
These performances and the process leading up to it proved an insightful experience for all staff involved. It provides us with a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the creative talents within our school family.
We have known for a long time what a talented mathematician and accomplished reader Ben Coombs is however the Christmas Performance has allowed him to showcase another fabulous talent in his amazing singing voice.
Similarly, Madeline Watts who at times has appeared a quieter member of our school family, confidently took to the stage leading children on for the sheep dance. For such a young member of our school, she displayed fabulous leadership and dancing talent through every rehearsal and performance.
In addition to this, we’ve always known what a fabulous writer Evie Mae Barson was, yet the school play allowed her to reveal her amazing aptitude for acting. Her performance as head cook was worthy of an Oscar! I could mention and credit every child for their individual skills that they brought to the performances. Even down to our team of children behind the stage props, who after listening to the script went away and as budding artists created fabulous objects to be used in the show.
This just exemplifies what a talented community of children we have here at Mawsley C. P. School and what a fabulous time Christmas is in allowing us to showcase these skills to our school community. Thank you to everyone that came along to our performances this week. We hope you enjoyed it and it has added to your festive experiences in the build up to Christmas.


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