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Reception Jungle Talk


Spring term is an exciting time for us in Reception as we find that as the flowers and trees begin to blossom so do many of our young learners.

Our topic this term is ‘jungles’ and we kicked things off in style with a visit from Dave the Jungle man! He brought a variety of weird and wonderful animals into school to teach the children about some of the different creatures that reside in the   rainforests of the world. Here is some feedback from some of the children about what they learned and enjoyed…

Anja (class 1) “Some snakes are poisonous and some are not.”

Lizzie (class 1) “The bearded dragon turns his chin black when he sees a girl lizard.”

Ori (class 2) “The lizard drops his tail if an eagle picks him up.”

Maddison (class 2) “We got to stroke the owl and it was so soft.”

We used this wonderful experience as a stimulus for writing and set the children the challenge of writing their very own ‘Rumble in the Mawsley Jungle’ book. Many of our children are just starting to learn how to write a sentence and as you can see from the pictures of their work below, they have very much risen to the challenge!

We are very proud of all of the children in classes 1 and 2 for their fantastic effort so far this term; keep it up!


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