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Extreme Reading Winners!

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On Friday 20th March our two winners of the ‘Extreme Reading’ competition Georgia Brophy and Oliver Hills became real life journalists; spending some time on skype interviewing author of the children’s series ‘The Whimsy Wood’ Sarah Hills. Here is a summary of the questions that the children asked Sarah and her responses; some of which you budding authors might find useful!

Georgia: “Do you have music on when you are writing your stories?”

Sarah: “At the moment I am finishing book 7 and I do like to listen to music while I’m writing; especially things like woodland music as it stimulates my imagination.”

Oliver: “What is the secret to writing a good story?”

Sarah: “You need to write about the things that you enjoy or else it won’t be exciting or interesting for you and always make sure that you use all of your senses when you are writing. Describe different sights, sounds and smells as it will make your stories more descriptive for the reader.”

Oliver: “Did you like writing stories when you were little?”

Sarah: “I always liked writing poetry and whatever I wrote I always used my imagination to think of different worlds. I used to make up stories when I was playing with my dolls and I would say that like with all writing, keep practicing!”

Georgia: “Where do you get your ideas?”

Sarah: “I was a vet before I became a writer. I always loved animals so they are a huge part of my stories. I also do lots of research on the internet to find out about woodlands; what is growing there at different times in the year and what types of animals would be about.”

Oliver: “What is your favourite book?”

Sarah: “I love Terry Pratchett because he writes fantasy stories. I love any story that takes me away into different worlds or makes me laugh. I have always enjoyed reading Roald Dahl stories and my favourite book of all time is ‘Haroun and The Sea of Stories’ by Salman Rushdi.

Oliver: “What will your next book be about?”

Sarah: “I’m giving away a secret now! It is called ‘Posie Pixie and the Pancakes’. In the story we meet a new character; a tawny owl doctor who is called to see Posie Pixie after she eats too many pancakes! I am just finishing off the story at the moment!”

Thank you so much to Sarah for taking the time to chat to Georgia and Oliver; hopefully there are some useful tips for everyone who wants to be an author too!
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